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The photos on the Southern France page will change when you enter or refresh the page. The WWII photo caption on the back of photos is not always accurate. Secrecy required censorship; locations were left out and ink marks on the photos disguised unit designations. These photo descriptions are part of the photo’s history, so we have chosen to leave the captions as written. In cases where we have accurate information about the photo we fill in the correct information using [brackets].

Courtesy of the National Archives / NWWIIGPA Collection

Caption on back: 15 August 1944. Seventh Army, La Motte, France. Forground, gliders that have just landed in southern France, D. Day. Other gliders can be seen coming in for landing. Photo by Leibowitz, 163rd Signal Photo Company
[Glider Chalk #10, Annabelle]

glider landing combat
Courtesy National Archives/ NWWIIGPA Collection

Gliders hit the dirt in southern France before the assault landings took place. MAAF´s Lockheed P-39 photo plane caught some of them directly after they landed.

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