Seal of WWII Glider Pilots Association



Will be hosted by
Mid America Flight Museum in Mt. Pleasant TX
ARRIVE On October Thursday 12th and the reunion October 13th, 14th, and
DEPARTING on the 15th.

All the reunion events will be held in the hanger at 602 Mike Hall Pkwy, Mount Pleasant, Texas, Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport. Directions:

Registration forms have been mailed out. If you have not received a form in the mail please call Mary Roemer 336.655.6607 as soon as possible.

Tentative Agenda:


  • Registration table open
  • Dinner
  • Request for presentations (send request to


  • Briefings to be announced
  • Crew flight schedules to be announced
  • Library of Congress Veterans Project Interviews throughout the day
  • Mid-day rations
  • Evening rations
  • Air Force Cadet Presentation.
  • Troop Carrier Dance


  • 9 or 9:30 am General Meeting
    • Color guard to open meeting. (We can move the tables to allow the color guard to present)
    • Reading of Memorials for the year
    • General discussion
    • News, issues, decisions
    • SWM report
    • Next meeting location
  • Crew flight schedules to be announced
  • Lunch rations
  • Awards Banquet 6PM
  • Air Force Academy Speaker

More details will be forthcomming.

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