Seal of the National WWII Glider Pilots Association


The National WWII Glider Pilots Association, Inc honors Troop Carrier Pilots and personnel and associated A/B personnel who served their country during WWII.

In furtherance of this objective, the NWWIIGPA:

  • Promotes mutual friendship and good fellowship among the members of the group.

  • Restores and/or rebuilds in flying condition if possible one or more World War II Combat CG4A (Waco) gliders, and other gliders and/or aircraft of interest for display to the members and to the public.

  • Collects and preserves items of historical significance and memorabilia pertinent to the glider pilot program of the World War II Army Air Forces

  • Develops and provides the necessary facilities for the display of all restored gliders and aircraft associated with the glider pilot program, and other items of historical interest to the aforesaid program, and raises funds for the establishment of such a facility.

  • Collects, preserves and develops a complete history of the World War II Glider Pilot program.

  • Organizes and conducts annually a reunion open to all members in order that the affairs of the Association can be discussed and acted upon in a manner that is in best interest of all members.

  • Takes by gift or devise and purchases, sells, transfers, mortgages, and leases or rents real and personal property and do all things necessary and essential thereto.

  • Sponsors or participates in activities of a patriotic nature.

  • Does all things necessary and required to carry on the activities, welfare and social work of the corporation.

  • Carries on programs to perpetuate the memory of the deceased World War II Glider Pilots and to comfort their survivors.

  • Researches, procures and displays appropriate plaques, monuments and/or statues pertaining to and promoting the memory of World War II Glider Pilots.