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The following links are provided to you so that you can go visit other web pages containing information about glider pilots and aircraft used by the Troop Carrier forces during World War II.  You may view the embedded YouTube videos are for you to sample but if you want a full view click on the title. This page will remain open for you to come back for more surfing. There is some great history out there!

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Airborne and Special Operations Museum
Airborne museum in Fayetteville, NC

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Airborne Troop Carrier History
The story about Troop Carrier Organization

Air Mobility Command Museum icon

Air Mobility Command Museum
Dover Air Force Base, DE

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Arizona Ground Crew
Representing all AAF ground crews


Assault Glider Project
RAF Station Shawbury in Shropshire, UK, Horsa and CG4A restoration

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British Glider Pilot Regiment
Several pages describing the RAF Glider Pilot Regiment


National Museum of the USAF - display of C-46D


National Museum of the USAF - display of C-47D


Flight Officer Jackie Coogan
National Museum of the USAF - Jackie Coogan, glider pilot, movie star


Into The Valley
The story of Troop Carrier in WWII by Col. Charles H. Young,
wartime Commander of the 439th TC Group


Lubbock International Airport
History about Lubbock International Airport


Paper Model of CG-4A
Paper Model of CG-4A plus important information about gliders.


Pima Air Museum
Pima Air Museum


Schweizer TG-3A Training Glider
National Museum of the USAF - display of TG-3A
Silent Wings Museum, Lubbock, TX


Tribute to American Glider Pilots
A tribute to the American Combat Glider Pilots of World War II, by Tom Brennan

Trigger Time

Troop Carrier
Troop Carrier vs Dr. Stephen Ambrose Controversy

Fagen Fighters Icon

440th Troop Carrier Group
440th Troop Carrier Group Web site

YouTube Video

Tribute to the 99th Troop Carrier Squadron
Memorial Day 2012 tribute (YouTube presentation)

National Museum of the Air Force

National Museum of the US Air Force

US Air Force Acadamy

USAF Academy - 94th Flying Training Squadron
United States Air Force Academy Soaring Programs

Fagen Fighters Icon

Fagen Fighters, WWII Museum
WACO CG-4A Combat Glider

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