Seal of the National WWII Glider Pilots Association


January 2017

The veterans of the Association wish you all the best in this New Year.

In celebration of the New Year we are also launching our online roster listing the Glider Pilots of WWII. The data in this online listing has been uploaded from the legacy database and holds over 6000 records. The legacy DB was begun by the Glider Pilots in the 1970s and the records come from the member veterans as well as the books of graduating classes. Each name is a link that goes to their bio-file. Currently the research team is limiting the information that is outputted to the public mainly because of interpretation. The information provided allows family member to determine if the veteran listed is their relative. If you need further information on a glider pilot then you may contact the Research Team where they can provide, in many cases, additional information on training, units, missions, reports and awards. If they can make contact with family members it is then hopeful that they can add additional documents and photographs.

One caveat: The database does not list the active members. Of course if you are a member of the National WWII Glider Pilots Association you already have a roster of all current members.

This has been an ongoing project for over a year and will continue to grow and change as time goes on including photographs that are still pending upload.

Thank you so much for your support and caring for the Glider Pilot Program.


Otto Lyons,
Executive Council Chairman
WWII Glider Pilot
15th TC Squadron/61st TC Group

Note: this statement was written prior to Leon's passing.