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Lubbock, Texas

The doors are now open to the public. The official opening ceremony was held on October 19, 2002 at the Lubbock International Airport in conjunction with the 2002 annual reunion of our association.  Located north of the intersection of Regis Street and Interstate 27, the Silent Wings Museum is housed in one of the original airport terminal buildings of the Lubbock International Airport, formerly South Plains Army Airfield.  

This museum houses a collection of over 9,000 items, not including photographs and documents.  After World War II, glider pilots sought to preserve their legacy and began a project to restore one of the types of gliders that they had flown, the CG-4A.  In 1984, our association established a museum in Terrell, Texas, operated by an affiliated non-profit group, The Military Glider Pilots Association.  It became apparent by this sister organization that a long-term solution was needed to preserve this collection and the history of the glider pilot program. 

In September 2000, after many years of searching for a permanent home, The Military Glider Pilots Association transferred the ownership of the museum to the City of Lubbock.  An organization formed under the City of Lubbock Director of Aviation, has assumed the responsibility of creating the new museum in the old airport terminal building.  After two years of relocating the artifacts and the CG4A to the newly renovated building, the doors opened to the public on schedule.  Extensive remodeling and construction has transformed the old terminal building into a 40,000 square foot museum featuring three display galleries, a theater, a library and archive, a gift shop and office space.  Plans are already on the drawing board to expand the display area to permit the addition of the British Horsa glider that was flown by several American glider pilots into Normandy on D-Day.

Cockpit of CG-4A

Side view of cockpit
Silent Wings Museum

Within the museum, photographs, time-lines and interactive exhibits are provided to allow the visitors to follow through the development of combat gliders, the training program at South Plains Army Airfield and the role of gliders and their pilots in numerous military campaigns during World War II.

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