Hans den Brok

Hans is an historian, author and a member of the National WWII Glider Pilot's Association. For over twelve years Hans has been researching WWII Troop Carrier history with an emphasis on the Market and Varsity Operations. He is the leading authority on C-47 and Troop Carrier missions in those operations. In 2008 he wrote, Wings of Freedom; Troop Carrier C-47 losses in Market Garden and the role of the underground movement In 2014 his book Battle of Burp Gun Corner was released.

In 2012 Hans received the S. Tipton Randolph Memorial Award for outstanding service in the interest of the National World War II Glider Pilots Association, Inc.
Hans has reached out to help veterans and descendants research their WWII history. He is highly respected by his colleagues and co-researchers.
Hans also maintains website with rich content about Troop Carrier missions, people, and stories, located at http://www.airbornetroopcarrier.com/

For the Glider Pilot's website Hans has contributed to the Holland, Rhine Crossing, and Normandy pages and you will find many photos throughout the site donated by Hans to the NWWIIGPA.