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The Research Team for the National WWII Glider Pilots Association obtain information from archival files located in various institutions. We also receive information from veterans, family and friends. Many of these files are not complete or the information has not yet been added. If you have information on Mr. BROCKMAN please contact us and we will make sure that the photos, papers, stories, etc. are put into Mr. BROCKMAN’s bio-file at the Silent Wings Museum. Also, contact us if you need further information regarding Mr. BROCKMAN. It is with help from friends, family and fellow researchers that allows us to preserve the WWII history of this veteran.

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Leon B Spencer Research Team
National WWII Glider Pilot Association, Inc. Research Team

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MOS 1026 Glider Pilot

Date of Death: Jan 21, 1989
Last Known Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

The Army Air Force
Advanced Glider School
TRAINING: South Plains Army Air Field, Lubbock, TX
Graduation date: Feb 15, 1944
Class: 44 2
Rank: FO
ASN: T125086

45th Troop Carrier Squadron (T3)
316th Troop Carrier Group




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