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Glider and Glider Power Pilots Buried in Sicily-Rome, Italy:

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F/O Arnold Bordewich
7/9/1943   Sicily-Rome
TCG: 62 TC Sqd: 7
Lancaster PA

F/O Kenneth L. Hollinshead
7/9/1943   Sicily-Rome
TCG: 62 TC Sqd: 51 and TCG: 316 TC Sqd: 36
Santa Monica CA

Capt. Tracy H. Jackson
7/9/1943   Sicily-Rome
TCG: 62 TC Sqd: 8
Rice MS

F/O William E. Kern
8/15/1944   Sicily-Rome
TCG: 436 TC Sqd: 79
Forest Park IL

F/O Bryan F. Moomau
07/11/1944   Sicily-Rome
TCG: 64 TC Sqd: 16
Indianapolis IN

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