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Glider and Glider Power Pilots Buried in Ardennes:

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F/O Levi F. Anderson, Jr.
3/24/1945       Ardennes
TCG: 438 TC Sqd: 87 and TCG: 436 TC Sqd: 82
Winchester VA

2nd Lt. William H. Collette
9/18/1944   Ardennes
TCG: 314 TC Sqd: 61 and TCG: 61 TC Sqd: 14
Tampa FL

F/O Emory Absolom Fry
9/19/1944   Ardennes
TCG: 436 TC Sqd: 81
Greensboro NC

F/O Dana T. Mudd
9/21/1944   Ardennes
TCG: 439 TC Sqd: 91
Mckinney TX

F/O George G. Pittman
3/24/1945   Ardennes
TCG: 436 TC Sqd: 81
Etna Green IN

F/O Samuel C. Welch
9/17/1944   Ardennes
TCG: 437 TC Sqd: 83
Des Moines IA

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