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Douglas C-47's and GC4A's, Tow planes and gliders of the U.S. Troop Carrier forces line a field in France, all loaded and ready to take off in what was perhaps the greatest air borne operation in the history of the war, the dropping of para-troops and air borne [glider] infantry over the British 2nd Army front. War Theater #12 (France).

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Towing Information:

Courtesy of Maj. Robert Swenson, WWII Glider Pilot / NWWIIGPA Collection

The Tow Know How information is taken from the CG-4A Glider Manual that was reprinted in March 1945.

The airfield marshaling for both the Single and double tow were obtained from the AirForce Heritage and Research Agency at Maxwell A.F.B. The IX Troop Carrier Command files.

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