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Kansas City, Missouri

The 43rd Annual Reunion held in Kansas City, MO is now history. From all reports, it was a huge success. Of the 163 at the Banquet, we had 25 veterans attending; 15 glider pilots, 6 power pilots, 1 navigator, and one radio operator. We also had two additional special guests a glider rider from the 194th GIR and our long time member who traveled from Germany to be with us was Will Gänzler, German glider pilot, and his Grandson who was his interpreter. It is the family members and the Troop Carrier affiliates who make this event a success. Without their support, we could not hold a reunion.

During the general business meeting, there was stiff competition about the location of next year’s reunion. Three cities were mentioned: Minneapolis area, Memphis and San Diego. When the dust settled, Minneapolis won by a squeaker with Memphis coming in second. The date and location will be determined as soon as a survey can be accomplished. The date will be early in October to avoid any conflict with travel plans to Europe to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Market-Garden in September 2014. If I cannot negotiate a reasonable price and date, in the Minneapolis area, then I will visit Memphis as our second choice.

Scott Glover flew his SKY King C-47 and offered free rides once again. As an added attraction he had his friend fly in another C-47 named Snoopy for a static display. But to top off all this he had another friend, Cowden Ward, fly in a P-51 with plans to offer eight free rides in the back seat to veterans. Actually, the list grew to twelve before the pilot became exhausted. I was given the privilege of being the first. Norman Wilmeth, age 95, actually was able to climb aboard. What a treat we even made the evening Kansas City news.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the formal banquet Saturday night. Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl was our keynote speaker. Patricia Overman received the S. Tipton Randolph Memorial Award presented to her by last year’s recipient, Hans den Brok. At the end, the beautifully crafted quilt made and donated for the event raffle by Susan Arnoult Pinter was won by William Waggoner from Mesa, AZ. The proceeds for this raffle set a record of $2,870.00 donated to the Silent Wings Museum Foundation.

The 44th Reunion to be held October 2nd through the 4th, 2014, at the Crowne Plaza at 3 Appletree Square in Bloomington, MN.

29 October 2015