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1945 - 1950

Helicopters eventually replaced the gliders of World War II. However, the helicopter did not really come into its own and meet the same weight hauling capacity until 1950 which still required the use of the glider for certain jobs after World War II. The CG–15A was used by this time which had a larger capacity than the CG–4A. This page is dedicated to those missions and stories, although not combative were, at time, just as dangerous without the shooting.


Presented by Wings of War at the Silent Wings Museum this podcast presents a talk about Power Glider Pilot Howard HALSTEAD. Former professor of history at fTexas Tech University, former curator of the Silent Wings Museum and member of the Leon B Spencer Research Team, Dr. Donald Abbe is interviewed about Halstead and the Frozen Rescue. Great story, enjoy!



Original film footage of the rescue from Shangri-La, filmed by Alexander Cann. This is a short documentary about how three people were saved from a remote part of New Guinea. Rescue occured on May 13, 1945 by Army Air Force.


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